Dadi Space

    The website of Dadi Logistics Co., Ltd. in Nantong was finally completed in July, 2010

Our Concept


Our company survival value lies in creating wealth for society

--and opportunities for employees.

Our business idea is adherence to credit standing

--considerate service and top priority to safety as well.

Dadi is aware of solidarity, civilization

--harmony and union.

Our Service Purpose

Integrity is the root of a company's survival and development, and the fundamental purpose of logistics service. Commitment is society's requirement toward the entrepreneurs. Credit standing is pulse of a company's development. Our survival lies in the consigned goods' secure reaching destination, which is also customers' basic requirement. Convenience is customers' aspiration and our own requirement.


  • 高田(上海)汽配制造有限公司
  • 上海百事可乐饮料公司
  • 安信伟光(上海)木材有限公司
  • 三菱重工业(上海)有限公司
  • 上海紫江喷铝包装有限公司
  • 上海紫泉包装有限公司
  • 珠海鸿聖金属工业有限公司
  • 上海富士施乐有限公司
  • 伟褔科技工业(中山)有限公司
  • 日通上海通运国际物流有限公司

Our Advantage

  • 管理优势
  • 技术优势
  • 运力优势
  • 人才优势
  • 仓储优势
  • 培训优势

Company Introduction

    Dadi logistics company was established in August, 1999, with 12 million registered capital, 120 million fixed assets and 300 million turnover. Our headquarter is located in Shanghai. We are third qualified enterprise in road transportation and logistics. In 2002, our company was put into the list of Jiangsu’s typical modern logistics companies by professionals of Jiangsu Development and Planning Committee and Jiangsu Modern Logistics Development Planning Committee. By the end of 2005, Dadi was approved as one of the 37 pilot logistics businesses by National Development and Reform Commission and State Administration of Taxation...